Copernicus Sentinel-5p is dedicated to monitoring air pollution. Its instrument is an ultraviolet, visible, near and short-wavelength infrared spectrometer called Tropomi, a nadir-viewing imaging spectrometer covering wavelength bands between the ultraviolet and the shortwave infrared. The instrument uses passive remote sensing for measuring, at the Top Of Atmosphere (TOA), the solar radiation reflected by and radiated from the earth. Sentinel-5p has been built to close the gap in continuity of observations between (past) Envisat and (future) Sentinel-5.

Spatial Coverage and Resolution

Full global coverage is available for latitudes > 7° and < -7°, and better than 95% coverage for latitudes in the interval [-7°, 7°].

Spatial resolution is 7 km x 3.5 km.

Temporal Coverage and Resolution

Systematic provisioning started in October 2017.

Temporal resolution (revisit): 1 day.